Wire Inspection  
Inspect Instrument  
Inspect Instrument

Direct Read Spectrometer:

Mounting Press Machine:

◆Testing content of 14 chemical compositions ◆Detection range:Mounting 0mm-32mm of the wire’s diameter
◆Testing chemical compositions of wire rod and finished wire ◆Detection Purpose:Making a metallographic test block
Poliser Lapper:


◆Detection Purpose:Making a matallographia test block ◆Testing metallographic structure of spheroidized and finished wire
Heating Furnace for Testing:

Quick Cold Upsetting Machine:

◆Heating temperature: 1000℃

◆Testing 5mm~45mm of the wire’s diameter

◆Purpose;Being applicable to spherodized annealing experiment and development of new product

◆Testing surface defect of the wire rod and finished Wire after cold upsetting


Tensile Strenght Machine Testing machine for 60T:

Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine:

◆Testing 6mm-40mm of the wire’s diameter

◆Detection range:Testing 7.9-34mm Of the wire’s diameter
◆Testing tensile strength ,elongation and reduction of spheroidized and finished wire. ◆Purpose:Testing hardness of spheroidized and finished wire

10T Tensile Testing Machine:

◆Testing 1-11mm of the wire’s diameter

◆Testing tensil strength ,elongation and reduction of spheroidized and finished wire

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