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The intermediate drawing machine from Taiwan .Totally 4 production lines, including 3 production lines for the 6 sets of wire drawing machines and 1 set take-up machine combination, and the other one for the 5 sets of wire drawing machines and 1 set take-up machine combination.The equipment is frequency converting controlled, the speed can reach to 600 meters/minute.

Quality Guarantee:

Adopting the automatic shucking machine and borax descaling equipment to improve the quality of the wire rod. Using the cold drawing technology and the handstand drawing machine lubricate with wire drawing powder from Taiwan to smooth the wire. The operator adopt the first-item inspection to inspect the products according to the standard strictly to guarantee the good quality of the products .


Wire drawing machine hand line of the operation method, timely and effectively response equipment failures, to protect the smooth production; to constantly raise the level, rich experience, we had sent technical staff many times to Thailand, Taiwan for communication and learning.

Diameter of Wire:

Diameter 2.0mm-6.0mm


3000T per month



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