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2 sets of steel wire packing machine from Taiwan SUNIX, package range:100-200 kgs/coil
1 set of auto stretch film wrapping machine from Shanghai, which is suitable for the carrier packing
1 set of semi-automatic rat-packer.

Quality Guarantee:

Wire(coil) packing machine can regulate the packing speed according to the diameter and
the weight .wire (carrier) do the packing according to the flexibility of the wire to
make the wire dustproof, dampproof , rust prevention.


Wire(Coil) packing machine 150 kg/minute capacity:3000 T per month

Wire(Carrier) packing machine 200kg/minute capacity:8640 T per month


Woven cloth;

Woven cloth wrapped package approach applies to the following small diameter 200kg (<Φ6.0) and 500kg-1000kg gross diameter (≥ Φ6.0) wire packaging, it is convenient to handle,store,and avoid the bumps of wire during transportation.


Woven bags:

Woven bags applied to more than 500kg of crude diameter (≥ Φ6.0) wire packaging, easy to organize, store, and avoid wire bumps.


Stretch Film:

Stretch film applied to 400-500kg small diameter (<Φ6.0) wire packaging. It is convenient to handle,and avoid wire scatterring during long-distance transportation.


Bundle and pallet to fix:

Only packed with knitting cloth, woven bags,the wire coil is easy to loose during long distance transportation.In order to avoid such phenomena, we will bundle the coil or use pallet to make the coil fixed and make loading and unloading more convenient.


  Equipments for the wire packing:  
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